For many people all-nighters are part of the university experience. It always inevitably happens that several assignments are all due at the same time and you need to gear up with coffee, some good music and your textbooks before handing in that major paper or assignment first thing in the morning. But, staying up all night to finish your work should not be a regular event. Whether you're studying for an exam that will allow you to understand geothermal energy or you're writing an English paper on one of the Bard's best tragedies, you need to create study habits that allow you to get the majority of your work done on time. Here are some suggestions for avoiding distractions and staying on schedule.

The best thing that you can do is plan ahead and stick to the plan. Instead of waiting until two days before it's due to start researching that paper on a new wastewater treatment scientists have discovered you could do that work a little bit at a time. Even if you're doing one hour of work three times a week, this will make a huge difference when it comes to finally sitting down to write the paper. Also, if you've planned to do work at a certain time make sure that you do it. If you're not in the crunch of the paper being due the next day it's easy to decide to go to a movie or out for dinner instead of spending the evening with your computer. But sometimes you need to sacrifice the social life. Compliments of: Dezan social media SEO in London Ontario

Turn off your phone and the Internet. If you're not using the Internet for research than there's no reason it needs to be on other than to distract you with Facebook, your email, and maybe even some gossip sites. When you're wandering around that new condo trying to think of ways to not do your paper, you want to limit your choices. Turn off your phone to eliminate temptation. If you don't know that all of your friends are downstairs at the pub than you won't feel the need to join them. Everything can likely wait until your studying is done.

Plan breaks in your studying. It's impossible to think that you could work for hours on end without some sort of break for your brain. So, plan for some time away from your computer screen. You could take a walk around your building or you could make yourself some healthy food. The only thing that you need to do is make sure that your break doesn't last too long. That's when it turns into a negative thing.

The last suggestion is to find a study buddy. If you know someone who is also studying to be a Mississauga dentist, for example, you could get together whenever it's time to hit the books. This way you will have a friend to keep you on track and even quiz you on the material.

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