Most people think that if they go on a diet, they will miraculously become healthy, but this is simply not the case. Eating a balanced diet which includes the foods you crave in moderation (such as pizza and ice cream) and maintaining a regular exercise program is much more beneficial - and sustainable - than slavishly adhering to the latest fad diet. If you're not sold on the benefits of exercise, let us expound on them for you.

The first and most obvious benefit of exercise is that it works off the extra calories you happened to consume that day, preventing them from being stored in your system as fat - which is much harder to get rid of once it forms. This means if you splurged on an ice cream bar at lunch, you can make up for it by going for a walk or conducting outdoor work. For people who get a lot of exercise, this means they are able to have more treats guilt free.

Exercise also kicks your body into a higher gear, which helps you keep your vital systems, like your heart and lungs, at peak performance. Getting exercise is the equivalent of taking your sports car on the highway to stretch its legs - it gives your systems a chance to work like they were meant to, which gives them a higher standard. immigration consultants who run several miles per day are less likely to sweat and become short of breath if the elevator in their office is broken, for example.

Exercise is a great way to help you get a better nights rest as well. Your body converts food into energy all day, but if the most energy you've used all day was moving from your desk to the fridge and back, there will still be fuel to spare that can keep you awake. Just a bit of light exercise during the day or in the evening can be enough to help you fall asleep faster.

Exercise also helps you maintain a healthy weight and develop your muscles. For all the emphasis people like to put on your personality being the key to true love, the fact remains that initial attraction is based on physical appearance, which means people who are fit and healthy will get more first dates than people who are overweight and weak. If you're tired of trolling the dating sites hoping to find someone to go out with, consider taking up exercise to improve your body type.

Exercise not only makes you look better, it also makes you feel better. People who are proud of their bodies have more confidence, which leads to greater success in interpersonal relations and more comfort in social situations. People who exercise also have lower stress levels, because exercising releases pleasure endorphins into the brain. (What are endorphins?) This leads to better performance at work and therefore higher levels of success at the office, which is a very compelling argument for you to make time in your busy work schedule to exercise.

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