Eating habits play a major role in your health. Ask any family doctor or family dentist and they'll tell you the same thing. It can be hard for some people to realize that their health is tied to the foods and beverages they put into their system but when they say you are what you eat it's true! Apple Tree dental for kids staff tell us that if all you do is pump your stomach full of sugary foods and drinks like regular soda, chips, cheeseburgers and cookies then that's going to have a negative impact on your health.

Your weight, cholesterol, sugar and blood pressure levels are all at risk of rising if you don't watch what you eat while in your condo or away from them. If you've led a long life of unhealthy eating habits you might find it hard to change your ways but it can be done; just like how for an American living in Canada, taxes in a new land can be hard to get used to.

All it takes is for you to dedicate yourself to making changes one day at a time. You can start with something simple like cutting out sugary sodas and replacing them with water. The more water in your system and the less sugar from pop the better your eating and drinking habits will get, all in one small and simple step! From there you should take a hard look at the foods you eat on a consistent basis to see what you can cut out.

Make a list of your meals for a week and you'll get a good idea of how much bad food you're ingesting. A diet that consists of lots of white bread, meat, dairy, sugar, and sweets that also neglects fruits and veggies isn't good. Try flavorful foods and beverages that are also healthy like hummus, couscous, anything Gardein makes and almond milk. It might take some time to adjust to your new diet but over time you'll come to enjoy trying new foods that might even taste better than what you used to eat. Trying new foods can be like shopping for a new home; you might miss out on the home of your dreams because you were bias of certain homes or areas of towns.

The sooner you take control of your eating habits the better off you'll be. Combating high cholesterol, high blood pressure and adult on-set Type 2 Diabetes is great for your short term and long-term health. Once your eating habits are in control you can start to incorporate exercise into your life, be it jogging, going to a gym or lifting weights in your backyard.

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