Whenever anybody mentions the best Canadian cities to live in there are a few pat responses. You can never have the best Canadian city debate without hearing Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver. They are always, most definitely, at the top of the discussion. Each one of those cities has a reason or two as to why you should live in them. Such as the view, the job market, the social life and the eclectic and ethnic neighbourhoods, just to name a few. Some might even state the awesome yoga classes Richmond Hill has to offer as a valid reason to live in Toronto.

One reason that isn't always discussed when it comes to the city of Toronto is their medical community. Nobody wants to be sick or know a family member or friend who's extremely ill. There's no way they'd go without some sort of treatment if they lived in Toronto. Whether they needed nose jobs in Toronto, a family doctor, an oncologist, pediatrician, dentist, knee surgery done or a radiologist, just to name a few, they'd find what they need in Toronto.

The city of Toronto has some world renowned hospitals, teaching facilities and physicians in the world. Over twenty of them, actually. You've got some of the top hospitals, teaching schools, and research facilities all located in and around Toronto. A lot of the teaching schools have affiliations through the University of Toronto. There is no way you could live in Toronto and not have access to Markham optometrists or North York podiatrists if you needed them.

Toronto has a very high standard of care when it comes to health and medicine. There are just so many top notch medical and research centres in Toronto that provide great care to patients in need. There's always a growing need to be on top of the next big breakthrough when it comes to medicine, surgical procedures or dental implants in Toronto. Luckily, with a great wealth of knowledge and dedication in all the Toronto research facilities, and with them spending over $2 million daily, Toronto will never fall behind today's medical needs.

With the Ontario Health Insurance Plan in place, any resident of Toronto is provided with free health care. Whenever they need it. That means having access to some of the top Toronto medical care facilities such as The Hospital for Sick Children, Mount Sinai Hospital, North York General Hospital, St. Joseph's Health Centre, Trillium Health Centre, The Toronto Hospital and the Princess Margaret Hospital. Whatever medical care you need, you will be able to have it taken care of in Toronto. Doesn't mater if you need a cosmetic dentist in Oakville or a hip surgeon in Markham, you will be treated.

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