Ask anybody, be it a professional weight trainer, a physician or a novice gym-goer, what they think the hardest part about working out is and they will more than likely all come to the same conclusion: the will to work out. Most people who come home after a long day of dealing with super visa travel insurance claims or studying for an upcoming college exam too tired or stressed out to want to go out and engage in a round of physical activity will not, to the dismay of Nike, just do it.

They either do one of two things: make an effort to do something physical like lift weights or go for a jog around their luxury homes and then feel amazing afterward or they do nothing and beat themselves up over their lack of a workout the next day. It should be obvious that those who went with option #1 will feel a whole lot better about themselves and those that choose what was behind door #2 are probably going to follow up their disappointing decision with a repeat performance.

The key to not being one of those people that will blame a lack of physical activity on something like having too many 'homes for sale' ads to proofread is motivation. You have to be motivated to want to get your butt into high gear. What might be blocking such a reality from happening is putting too much pressure on yourself to have to go to a gym to workout. Not every awesome workout has to be achieved through the use of workout or cardio equipment at the gym.

Physical activity takes many shapes and forms and can be something as simple like going for a late night walk around the block after work, walking to your appointment instead of driving, walking up and down the empty stairwell in your office building or something like gardening that you wouldn't consider as a form of physical activity would count as well.

It's a lot easier to put in your recommended amount of physical daily activity, which is around 30-60 minutes, if you look at it less like a chore and more of something that you already incorporate into your daily routine. Just because you're not working out a sweat on the elliptical machine or building your muscle mass doesn't mean you aren't getting a workout if you do something like go for a walk, play bike polo or engage in a tennis match. As long as you're moving and exerting physical energy you can call that physical activity. The more fun the activity is to you the more you're going to want to do it.

Keep that in mind the next time you feel like skipping a chance to do something physical or when you would rather drive to your cosmetic dentistry in Whitby appointment than walk.

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